What is Ripple Energy and is it a Good Investment?


What is Ripple Energy and is it a Good Investment?

When looking at the different sectors and investments you can choose from on any trading platform, brokerage, or company directly, you will know there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Ripple Energy is a new and emerging renewable energy developer within that sector and is being recognised widely by those who are interested in that industry.

So, whatever type of investor you are, we’re going to tell you what it is, the good and bad, and whether Ripple Energy is a good investment. Carry on reading to learn the ins and outs of this green-minded investment.


What is Ripple Energy?

Ripple Energy is an up-and-coming renewable energy developer that allows any consumer to invest in the projects they work on and then the consumers receive the benefits of the energy produced from their projects. Whether you’re a solo investor or a large-scale company, you can invest as much as you want in return for clean, reliable energy.

They have the vision of providing eco-friendly energy for you so that you can not only own your personal source of green energy and power your home or business but also save money on energy bills every month.

This works by paying a one-off cost for your share of the project you want to invest in, and then you receive an environmentally friendly energy source that is supposed to save you money in return (which is meant to be the return on investment).


Benefits and Drawbacks of Ripple Energy

With Ripple Energy being a relatively new investment, the research on this product is not conclusive as of yet, but from what we’ve found so far, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Ripple:


Benefits of Ripple

  • It will help support a lower-carbon economy
  • You will be contributing to renewable energy
  • You can potentially save money on your energy bills
  • You will be receiving cleaner, greener electricity
  • You can get started with just £25
  • The more shares you buy, the more affordable the electricity


Drawbacks of Ripple

  • Whether it saves you money or not is yet to be determined, because electricity prices and raw materials will vary over time
  • As it’s a singular company, you can’t trust that they’re always going to be returning well
  • Members can’t sell their shares and are quite inflexible in this regard
  • If you want to sell shares, you have to go through a long process before you can request to withdraw your membership
  • There is potential for infrastructure and integration challenges down the line


How to Invest in Ripple

If you’ve read this entire guide and believe Ripple Energy is a good investment for you, it’s extremely easy to get into if you want to invest in it and allow it to begin construction:

  1. Wait until the next project opens
  2. Choose a project that you resonate with
  3. Make sure you read the share offer document for any hidden and relevant fees
  4. Buy your shares in Ripple through their website (invest from as little as £25)
  5. Make sure your energy supplier is part of Ripple Energy’s project
  6. Now you own shares of Ripple and can enjoy your green power supply


Note: Every investment is a risk for your portfolio, especially if you’re just investing in shares with one company.


Examples of Ripple Energy Projects

Since launching in 2017, Ripple Energy has worked with a few huge construction projects while trying to make renewable energy ownership available to everyone. Through wind and solar projects, they have amassed projects that anyone can now invest in through their website. Let’s take a look at some of the projects they’ve worked on:

  • Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm: This is set to be the largest people-owned renewable energy project, having the ability to power around 54,000 homes
  • Graig Fatha: Their first wind farm project, which is owned by over 900 people now
  • Kirk Hill: Another people-owned wind farm made up of 8 turbines, powering over 20,000 households
  • Derril Water Solar Park: Their first shared solar project, which has around 70,000 panels to power around 14,000 homes.


Is Ripple Energy a Good Investment?

Whether Ripple Energy is a good investment or not depends on your motives behind the investment. If you’re really focused on switching to clean, renewable energy, then Ripple Energy could be a great project for you, but if you’re doing it to save money, there’s not enough evidence suggesting that it’s a good long-term investment yet.

It is also worth noting that this investment will not return in most types of investments where you see the monetary gain. Instead, you will have to calculate your return on investment based on what your savings were on your energy bills compared to what you used to pay, along with however much you put into Ripple Energy.

It is certainly not as straightforward as something like the stock market or bonds for that matter, but if you just want to make the switch to clean energy and are not fussed about whether the return on investment is worth it or not, then it could be a great, environmentally friendly investment.

All we would say is to take some time to consider your investment goals, your objectives behind investing, and what you want to achieve. This will give you a clearer picture of what you should or shouldn’t invest in.

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